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I'm playing well but have not been approached by any coaches. What do I do?

So you have been doing everything you can to be noticed by coaches. You had a good season, played in a few tournaments, went to a camp or two, but are still not getting the attention you think you deserve. What do you do next?

This is an issue that countless athletes face each year. As time passes players start to get think no one will ever come calling for them. Well, there are steps you can take to help assist your recruitment process.

First, if you are interested in a school or team reach out to them. Do not sit back and hope it falls onto your lap. Most coaches emails or phone numbers are on their team websites. Introduce yourself, tell them about your background and what type of player you are, etc. Coaches are always interested in speaking with new players.

Have video ready. Coaches cannot be everywhere. Having video you can share allows them to see how you play before they come to scout you live. A coach can usually make a decision on whether to follow up with a player based on video.

Do your homework. Make sure you research teams or schools and coaches. See what type of player they usually recruit. If its a college see what type of grades and test scores you need to be accepted. What leagues do coaches recruit from? For junior teams, how many players do they have returning, how many have moved on and to what levels? The more information you can find the more likely you will find a school or program that fits you!

Have your coaches reach out to teams for you. This should be a coaches job anyway, but ask them if they have spoken up for you. If so, then ask who they spoke with. If not, give them a list of teams you would be interested in. Coaches should be up front and honest with their players. Make sure you have a serious conversation with yours about where he sees your future heading.

Lastly, continue to work hard. There will be times that things do not look to bright but do not give up. These situations usually work themselves out!

For more information or if you think you need any help in the recruitment process contact us toady.

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